Do You Want To Let Go Of The Feelings That Lead To Self-Sabotage?

At Trust Your Intuition, we know that you want to take control of your life choices. Listening to your intuition is a great way to discover what really matters to you. Not sure whether you have the gift of intuition? Find out for yourself.
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Can You Trust Your Intuitive Self?

Let go of the feelings that lead to self-sabotage!

To do this you need to change the old thought patterns that are holding you back. The problem is that you don’t know how. You question your ‘gut instincts’ and you allow others to influence your daily decisions. This distresses you and leads you to feeling stuck.

Are you confused about the right way forward for your life?

Are you regularly questioning your own “gut instincts”?

Are others influencing your daily decisions?

At Trust Your Intuition we will walk with you every step of your path.


We offer daily tips, meditations, short courses, books, and when you’re ready, full certification and mentorship programs designed to help you turn your intuitive gifts into a professional passion that helps others.

We have the Academy of Spiritual Practice and this academy is an approved training provider for the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) for psychic skills and mediumship practitioner courses.

We believe that it takes courage to embrace and trust your intuition.

We know that intuition is a gift, but it takes practice to develop and put yourself out there.

We understand that this can be overwhelming and this can create fear and stop you from reaching your full potential, which is why we have created Trust Your Intuition. A platform that has helped hundreds of women like you, follow their passion and embrace their gifts.

3 Step Plan

Here is how you can start tuning into your intuition today:

Step 2

Join one of our short courses and identify what is holding you back from reaching your full potential.


Step 3

Enrol in our premier online intuitive development program – 

The Certificate in Advance Intuitive Practice.


It’s Your Time To Shine!

At Trust Your Intuition, we care about:

  • Helping you feel connected to your soul’s purpose.
  • Guiding you to excel with your intuitive gifts.
  • Encouraging your potential.
  • Helping you develop self-confidence.
  • Helping you step up to work professionally in your own Intuitive Practice.

Like any skill, your gifts grow with commitment, training and practise. We truly want you to experience that growth for yourself. The best way forward is to gather your courage and take the next step.

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What Our Clients Say


“Karma Couples is very helpful, down to earth and practical with strategies to negotiate problem relationships, culminating in “Standing up for your truth”. It’s well-written and easily understood.”
‘I’m Positive!’ is filled with helpful information and activities. It is written in lightness and love to gently guide the reader to a more positive outlook in their lives.”


“I am very lucky to have had Michelle as a facilitator on several courses. These include Reiki, where she attuned me to Levels I and II and finally to Masters. Since then, Michelle and I have also collaborated on many workshops. Her soothing voice is so easy to listen to and her meditations inspired. She is a wonderful tutor, always well prepared and able to answer a student’s questions given her exceptional range of knowledge. Michelle creates a calm, respectful environment for learning where students feel nurtured and safe to explore their potential and learn new concepts. Courses are meticulously planned, with identified learning outcomes and unique experiences for each student”


“Michelle’s integrity and dedication to the healing arts is beyond measure. I have found her inspirational trance control to be equally outstanding: words beyond platitude and replete with the cosmic dust of spiritual truth to nourish the spiritual seeker of the modern world.”


“Michelle Robinson is a treasure. She operates from a heart filled with love, compassion and much wisdom. I have found her teaching to be very informative, fun yet serious, and well organised and delivered. I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to share these experiences and to further my own personal growth.”


“In her book, ‘Your Intuitive Gifts At Work,’ Michelle Robinson has written an indispensable guide to running a successful spiritual practice. She takes the reader on a journey of self-discovery by providing useful insights and sharing stories that are both relatable and practical. If you’re running a spiritual practice and want to upskill, read this book and thrive”.


“Michelle has been teaching her Spiritual Workshops to our group since late 2017. She has been guiding us with many different aspects of Intuitive Development including Psychic Development, connecting with our Guides, Soul Readings, Mediumship, Card Reading, Spiritual healing and Trance. I have also have recently joined Michelle’s Online Live teaching sessions, which are most informative and interactive. She is very passionate with her teaching and shares this with much love and enthusiasm. Her style is very informative yet simple enough for us to understand. There’s lots of practical work, which we love. Michelle is a Fabulous Innovative teacher and we all feel very blessed to be part of her group.”


“Michelle has a warm and caring nature which draws people to her. Her spiritual insightfulness, her intuitive abilities, plus her gentle manner allow people to feel safe and secure in her presence.”


“Michelle is an amazing mentor and spiritual teacher. I have had several readings from Michelle, and I am blown away by her accuracy, every time. She is honest, accurate, and always reads from the heart.”


“I have been very fortunate to attend many of Michelle Robinson’s spiritual workshops. Michelle is very organized with prepared notes for every workshop. She explains each session clearly and gently guides each participant. I feel very blessed to have met Michelle. She is very gifted, yet humble. Her willingness to share her knowledge and experiences is commendable. Michelle gives so much. People walk away from her workshops feeling happy and inspired.”


“Michelle is a wealth of information and knowledge. She brings a very formative and structured educational experience to all who are lucky enough to receive her tutelage. She is a practical gift to an undefined industry.”


“Amazing knowledge and wisdom, an opportunity to learn and grow”


“The knowledge and teachings are amazing.”

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