In this article I am discussing some of the more mysterious and less well understood aspects of our spiritual experiences. In particular, I’ll be explaining the differences between a ghost and a spirit person, because these phenomena are often misunderstood. I’ll also share my insights about ‘hauntings’ and poltergeists.

Much of my understanding about these topics has been gained in England. England is the ‘mother’ of spiritualism and spiritual investigation. Although America and Australia demonstrate a huge interest in spirituality, healing, meditation and psychic phenomena, when it comes to understanding the spirit world and a long history of testing spirit phenomena, then England takes the lead. The Spiritualist National Union in England conducts many scientifically valid experiments in their efforts to ‘prove’ the existence and intelligence of the spirit world.

What I share with you is my accumulated understanding from my own experiences, what I have learned in England and other studies I have undertaken. However, I can share only what is available to me at my level of understanding. I can’t be 100 per cent sure every piece of information is accurate, until I reach the spirit world myself.

Let’s begin with the difference between a ghost and a spirit.

While ghosts and spirits exist, they are very different entities.

When I lived in an old house in the early 1990’s, I was sure that it was haunted by a ghost. It turned out that I was a little right and a lot wrong. The home did have a spiritual presence in it, but it was not a ghost. I was sharing my home with a spirit person.

In other words, a person who, prior to his death, had owned ‘my’ house, had elected to return to his home rather than cross fully into the spirit world. There he had stayed until I bought the house and discovered him almost 30 years later. I shouldn’t say that I discovered him though, because the people from whom I bought this house knew all about ‘the ghost’. Naively, I thought they had imbibed too many alcoholic spirits themselves, and that their claims of a spiritual presence were unfounded.

The joke was on me, because at a point in my life when my spiritual gifts began to flourish, I became acutely aware of this ‘ghost’. In fact, Norm, who had died suddenly in a light airplane accident, was not a ghost at all. He was a spirit, and very much alive with intelligence, thoughts and human qualities.

In contrast to a spirit person, a ghost is an energy ‘echo’ that is trapped in time without living intelligence or an ability to communicate . A ghost is an apparition, but not the living spirit of a person.

Examples of ghosts are often seen at the scene of fatal accidents. Witnesses see the same brief scene playing out over and over again, such as a woman in old fashioned clothing standing by the side of a road. The accident has occurred long ago, but a remnant of the experience keeps replaying, as if the woman has never left the scene of the tragedy. This phenomenon is known as a ghost is rather than a spirit person, because a spirit person, just like when they were in human form, moves, thinks and makes decisions. They don’t need to hang around one small place replaying the same events.

Ghost-energy with the imprint of pain and suffering is often felt in old buildings where trauma and pain have occurred in the past. Hospitals, prisons, or locations where there was repeated violence, hold the essence of distress. Sometimes, a person with psychic sensitivities will see the traumatic events as if they are occurring now. They may also feel and hear the suffering that occurred in the past, and this can be very distressing.

Although it can be very scary to witness or feel a ghostly phenomenon replaying repeatedly in the same place, remember that there is no real intelligence behind it. The presence of the spirit person is not there. Somehow the energy of the events has been trapped as though in a loop. You can’t interact with that energy. You can’t meaningfully communicate, if what you are sensing is a ghost rather than a spirit.

Can that energy be cleared? Yes, it can be cleared, but only by a specialist who understands how to work in that energy without being impacted by it.

In contrast to a ghost, a spirit person demonstrates the intelligence of a human whose life continues after their death. If you have a spirit person living in your home, as I did, then you can help this person to cross into the Light if they choose to do so. However, it may be that they are waiting for someone else to cross with them, or they are confused about what’s happened. Once again, getting help from an expert is important . You don’t want the spirit traumatized or becoming dependent on you. Either of these things can happen. If you sense them, and no-one else can, then you may be the focus of their attention. They may even choose to go wherever you go, and move homes when you do. I speak from experience here. If you don’t mind that, it’s fine. However, if you feel uncomfortable, just seek professional help from a medium who can help the spirit person understand that wonderful experiences and other members of their family wait for them in the spirit world.

If you remember that a ghost is an energy echo that repeats the same scene over and over, and a spirit person is like your Mum or Dad once they cross to the spirit world, you will see the difference between the two terms. You can interact with a spirit person. There is mind to mind intelligence and communication. It is not the same, with a ghost.

Let’s now look at different types of hauntings. I’ve already introduced you to ghost hauntings. Although there is no living spirit involved, a ghost haunting can still be frightening if you witness the same dreadful acts replaying over and over again, for example in convict prisons or old psychiatric hospitals.

If you had the psychic gift of ‘clear hearing’ (clairaudience), you could visit an old convict prison as a tourist, and hear the cries of the prisoners who were tortured many years ago. Sensitive people pick up on the energy that remains in an environment, even though that energy is hundreds of years old. It may still feel very real.

You may be familiar with well-known psychics and mediums who go haunted places, often with television crews, just to experience the drama that has occurred. Mostly, they will encounter ghost-energy rather than a living spirit person. I don’t believe that spirit persons would choose to inhabit their prison cells for years after they had died.

The other common type of ‘haunting’ is what that I experienced, with a spirit person living in my home.

When a spirit person decides to remain close to the Earth plane, their energy can be quite strong. It’s a very different energy from someone who has been in the spirit world for a long time. If such a spirit makes contact with you, you may feel them, or even see or hear them. You may sense their energy as a strong tingling. You may feel them sit on the side of your bed as if a real person or pet is there. You may feel them touch you and it will feel like a real touch.

The first time Norm (the spirit person in my home) contacted me, I got a fright, because I felt an electric shock go through my energy system. It was very real. He had a physical aspect to his energy, because his energy had not been cleared and rejuvenated by crossing to the Light. I have always encouraged people who are facing the prospect of dying to go to the Light for healing, before returning to the Earth plane.

How did Norm make his presence felt in my home ? To start with, he was seen in his pilot’s uniform. My research into my home’s history revealed that Norm had flown aircraft in the Korean War as a young man, and he was eventually killed when his small private plane crashed during a storm. Norm had a presence when he sat on the side of my bed. The presence was as warm and as heavy as a dog or a cat.

If you have someone like that in your environment, you don’t need to be afraid of them. However, it may be that they still consider the home that you are living in, their home. It’s always wise to be very polite. Sometimes you can negotiate so that everyone lives together peacefully. The previous occupants of the home I bought, knew and talked about this spirit. They all lived quite happily together in the same space for three decades.

When the home became mine, I grew concerned that Norm was living a very limited existence. I worked with other mediums to help Norm see the benefits of crossing to the spirit world. Eventually, this did happen, and when it did, a light in my lounge room spontaneously turned on.

So far, we have looked at the difference between a ghost and a spirit. Generally, a spirit person won’t cause trouble unless you have upset them or they still believe it’s their home and you have no right to be there. Then they can be mischievous to try to discourage you from remaining in their home. If that happens, contact a very good medium. A medium can help you communicate with your spirit and find out what they need to be less troubled. The medium may also be able to persuade them to cross to the Light.

Let’s now examine the phenomenon of poltergeists, because poltergeists were misunderstood for many years. The correct meaning of a poltergeist is now scientifically explained. Poltergeist activity occurs when an object flies through the air or falls to the ground, as someone walks past it or is in the vicinity of this object. For a long time, it was believed that a poltergeist was a spirit who hurled objects through the air.

We know now that this is not the case.

It is now believed that poltergeist activity is caused by the specific energy of a person who is in the vicinity of the object. Scientifically we have discovered that some young teenagers and adults (often girls) have very heightened energy, and this energy can cause objects to fall when they are near. It is a disturbance in the young person’s energy field that causes the poltergeist activity.

However, there are exceptions, because some spirit persons can move and throw objects if they choose to, especially if they have retained quite a lot of their physical energy through not yet crossing to the Light.

Very recently, a good friend of mine was speaking on the phone, explaining that she didn’t want to communicate with any spirits because the idea frightened her. She wanted them to ‘stay where they were away from her’ and leave her alone. At that very moment, a photo of a young woman who had taken her own life (one of my friend’s closest friends) flew off my friend’s dresser and smashed onto the floor. The younger woman who had suicided had been as close as a daughter to my friend, and took exception to being told she should stay away and leave my friend alone.

Spirit energy can also tinker with your electrics, so it may be your Dad or brother or Mum or a friend who is flashing your lights or turning your television on and off. Always look for the logical reason first, but when logic has been ruled out, open to the possibility you may have a spirit who wants you to know they have not died and are still watching over you. They do this because they love you and care for you.

I hope this article has helped clarify any confusion you may have had about the difference between ghosts, spirits and poltergeists. If you have psychic or mediumship abilities, you may be more aware of spiritual energies than people around you who do not have those abilities. Never think that it is you who is imagining what you feel or that you are ‘going bonkers’. In reality, you may just have a very special gift, and one that you might even choose to develop one day.  You might consider enrolling in my comprehensive online spiritual development program, the Certificate in Advanced Intuitive Practice. You’ll gain a wonderful understanding of spiritual gifts in that program.

Have a wonderful week.

Michelle x