No matter who inspires us or what our beliefs, being true to ourselves is really important when following our spiritual path.

In pondering this topic, I encourage you to go outside and have a look at the variety of ways that nature expresses itself – even if you just notice the tiny flowers on weeds.

Nature expresses itself in ways that are too individual and diverse for us to quantify.  Therefore, since we are part of that intricate and enormous creative process, it makes sense to me that our Creator – whatever that Power, or Intelligence, or Love or Light is – doesn’t intend us to be the same as everyone else.  If that were the case, I don’t believe there would be such richness and diversity surrounding us.

Appreciating this diversity also allows us to challenge some of our preconceived ideas around what might be right or wrong, good or bad, for the best or the worst, because it is through the whole range of experiences that we gain the lessons and growth for which we came to Earth.  Our human lives provide us with the experiences our souls need, and if we had completely happy, fun-filled lives, we would not ‘exit’ with the outcomes we came for.

It is very common that individuals who want to make a positive contribution to others become quite hung up on whether they are worthy enough for Spirit to work with them.  They worry they are not as accomplished as the more famous spiritual leaders such as Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Rumi and so on.  Many aspiring psychics and mediums watch well-known television personalities like Tyler Henry and feel completely inadequate in comparison.

If you want to work with Spirit with the intention of helping humanity and the planet, Spirit will definitely want to help you.  That’s a given.  All my communications with Spirit reinforce this truth.  They are here to support us, and also to support us when we want to assist others.  Many Spirits take on these roles as their mandate – they choose to be our guides.

I believe that every single one of us has a positive contribution to make to life.  This contribution is about both our own soul’s growth and the value we can add to the lives of others when we have the intention of service and compassion.  As we grow as individual souls, so the vibration of humanity is lifted as a whole. Never forget the power that your own growth brings to the vibration of our species and the planet.

I encourage you to find acceptance of your true self.  Explore and value the uniqueness that is you. Be at peace with yourself.

Being in conflict with any aspect of ourselves sets up a kind of static interference in our energy field.  It is much harder to make high spiritual connections when we self-sabotage through negative self-talk.  In contrast, when we hold a strong positive intention we align our energy and thoughts with the expectation of success.  This helps us to resonate with our desired outcome.  It seems to potentialize our energy field and bring the outcome of that intention closer to us.

I’ve always believed that if you find yourself thinking negative thoughts about yourself, it’s important to challenge and stop them immediately.  Encourage yourself to remember that that no-one is born with all the answers.  Everything experienced in life is a learning opportunity.  When something doesn’t happen the first time around, it’s not a failure.

Think about the way you learned to walk.

I know that if I had given up the first time I stood on my little toddler legs only to fall back onto my bottom, I would have never learned to walk.  I did not take that failure as the indicator of whether I could ever succeed.  As children, we learned our skills through lots of experiences, perseverance and doing the same thing over and over.  The same process of practice and perseverance is relevant when we are working with our intuitive gifts.  Building a closer relationship with Spirit, finding a connection to our soul-purpose, and improving our intuitive gifts require dedication and consistent practice.

Staying mindful in the present moment is part of this journey of development.  Holding onto regrets or anger from the past traps that unhelpful energy within our auric field.  This makes it harder to open up to the fresh potential that every single day brings us.

I have reflected on why souls incarnate into the bodies of babies.  Although the baby’s body is a newborn, the soul certainly is not.  In meditation, I realised that no other age could offer the soul such a raw and wonderful experience of physical life, than that of a baby, where everything is seen through new eyes.  A baby is engrossed and fascinated with each new stimulus.  Every new taste, each new sound receives the baby’s complete attention.  Babies know how to be present in the moment.  We could learn a lot from them about honestly expressing our needs and not worrying about the past or the future.  Babyhood is such a visceral experience that it is a great way for the soul to start building a new database of human experiences.

My daughter sent me some photos yesterday of my four-year-old granddaughter, Emilia, playing with a bubble machine.  Emilia is radiating joy as she tries to catch the myriad of bubbles that are filled with rainbows as the sunlight shines through them.  How wonderful it would be as adults for us to capture the excitement of rainbows and bubbles once more. We would be closer then, to the energy of our true selves than when we are scrolling through messages on our phones or reading blogs on the computer screen.

In closing, I encourage you to be gentle and kind towards yourself.  Appreciate that you are a unique person. You’re not your mother, your father, your partner, your child or your friend. You can be you and it’s okay.

As individuals, we should feel free to allow the splendour of all our different aspects to shine. Being the best of whom we are is enough.  Nature shows us so easily why individuality is part of the Creator’s grand design.  Because we are emerging from the Universal Field, just like every other aspect of creation, then we are part of that infinite diversity as well.

Until next time, Shine on!