There are many myths about using your intuitive gifts that need to be dispelled.  Let’s put them to bed right here:


One of the most common myths is that you are not psychic, unless as a child you had psychic experiences, saw a spirit person or had unusual gifts.

Many adults assume that because they didn’t see the spirit of their grandfather when they were younger, that they don’t have any intuitive abilities. This is a myth as your intuitive gifts can develop at any age. In fact, life experiences are always an asset when it comes to using your intuitive gifts.

Sometimes it’s the journey we’ve been on that makes us better workers for Spirit.  While it’s true some children do see spirits, mediumship abilities that manifest at a young age may scare these children. Once they are adults, they may choose to avoid any kind of spiritual work because they did not understand what was happening to them as a child.

You can develop your intuitive gifts at any age. The journey you’ve been on in life is very important to being able to work with your gifts safely and appropriately. As you become more mature, you develop more empathy. You understand with compassion what other people are going through. You are a better channel for healing, because your life experiences give you a clear intention to help others. Regardless of your age, your spiritual guides will come to you at the most appropriate time for you to begin to use your intuitive gifts.


Your intuitive gifts need to be inherited.

While some gifts do run in families, and mediumship is one such gift, it is a myth that you need to inherit your intuitive gifts. In fact, even if you do not know anyone in your close family who shares your interest in the psychic arts, you might be surprised to discover that a generation or two before you, someone had an interest in tarot cards or tea leaves or another psychic activity. In previous generations, religion was a very conservative affair and so people’s curiosity about the occult was explored in privacy and secrecy.

Even during the 1960s and 1970s, when I was a young person, exploring your own spirituality was considered a very unusual interest. Attendance at a mainstream church was the norm. Many people, even during the 1980s, still considered that I was dabbling in the ‘dark arts’ because I was interested in energy healing, psychic activity and mediumship. In my own family, I discovered a grandmother and two aunts who shared my interests, though this was not openly discussed.

Timing plays an important role in when you may choose to develop your gifts.

If you are a parent with young children and you’re busy with family responsibilities, you may find your energy has to be prioritized in the physical world for now. That’s where your life may be at. It’s okay that your yearning to work with your intuitive gifts takes a backseat while you live your physical life. You can always continue to develop your gifts when time permits, knowing that your passion will be fully explored when you have the time for yourself.

Even if your intuitive gifts are not inherited, you may always have had a sense that you are different from others. This is very common. You probably just ‘know’ that there’s something different about you. Maybe you’re more sensitive than those around you. You feel things others don’t experience. This sensitivity and ability to ‘feel’ energy and feelings are signs that you have strong intuition. Another way of expressing it is that you are an empath. An empath feels moods, energy, environments, and feelings more deeply and sensitively than most others.


It is a myth that it is always dangerous to work with the spirit world.

You can work with the spirit world safely.

Of course, you need to be sensible. If you open yourself energetically by saying “Anyone who’s out there in the spirit world, come and visit me,” it is like opening up your home to anyone who passes by. There may be all sorts of people you wouldn’t choose to have in your home. The same applies when you are working with the spirit world. If you welcome any random spirit, you may attract beings of a lower vibration.

Some spirits choose not to cross into the Light immediately that they leave their bodies. It may be because they have loved ones on Earth they are concerned about, they are waiting for a partner to cross over, or they don’t want to leave their home.  Maybe they’ve died very suddenly, and it’s been a traumatic shock. When the opportunity to cross to the Light comes, some spirits elect to stay closer to the Earth’s vibration. Sometimes they may remain in the house where they once lived because they just don’t know where else to go.

In order to work safely with the spirit world, you need to lift your energy as high as you can, imagining that it is stretching into the Light of the Source. Imagine that that Light is pouring through you and over you.

Always assert that your highest spiritual guides and your loved ones are the only spiritual beings who may draw close to you.

If you are a medium, you will also communicate with the spirits of people who are not your guides and family. Working in mediumship involves connecting to persons in the spirit world with the purpose of bringing evidence of the survival of life after death.  It is always advisable to receive very good training if you have a mediumship gift, as knowing how to work safely with Spirit and ethically communicate messages is paramount.

In working with the spirit world, use your common sense. Take care of your spiritual hygiene. Make sure that no unwanted energies are invited into your auric space, and always ask for protection from your guides, loved ones and/or the angelic kingdom.

One additional point must be made about working with the spirit world. You must have good mental health. If you’ve been diagnosed with a psychotic illness and you experience hallucinations or delusions about what is real, then it’s not a good time to be opening up to spiritual gifts. It is too easy for an unwell mind to imagine images that are not real.

If you have some anxiety or depression, then it is my personal opinion that exploring your spiritual gifts can be helpful. The realisation that we are loved and guided every day of our life is a great gift. When you know your life has a purpose and your soul lives on after death, anxiety may decrease. You realize that no matter what happens, death is not the end. Even though some people who we love inevitably dies, they live on in Spirit and remain close to us.

Learning how to channel healing can lift a low mood and ease anxiety. When you develop the ability to deliver energy healing, this calms you and also provides the pleasure of being able to help someone in need. Offering kindness to others is a great distraction from a low mood.

Remember that Spirit never controls or takes over your body. They communicate mind to mind and energy to energy. It is up to you to establish clear boundaries and expectations about how you choose to work with your team of spirit guides. You remain the one in control.

Please always seek professional medical support for all health conditions and follow that expert advice. Do not open up to the spirit world when you are feeling psychologically vulnerable or unbalanced, and especially do not open your mind to spiritual exploration if you have a diagnosis of psychosis. Now is not the time.


Working with my intuitive gifts means I am open to psychic attack.

Let’s shed some light on this myth.

Can you be psychically attacked? Only if you believe it.

If you believe that someone else has the power to harm you through their thoughts, then you open your energy field to those thoughts. Like any form of energy, thoughts have power, and so you can make yourself vulnerable to harmful thoughts through worry, fear and obsessing what that other person may do to you.

If you affirm that your energy is safe and only positive vibrations can impact you, then you don’t need to worry about psychic attack. Any negative thoughts someone sends you will just bounce off your aura. If you think positively, have healthy habits and a strong aura, then you do not need to worry about psychic attack. You can always ask your guides to protect you if you feel the need. I must add that looking after yourself is important. Be well rested, create a healthy lifestyle and try to avoid unhelpful stress.


I should not be paid for working with my spiritual my gifts.

This is a myth I hear frequently, and it is easy to debunk.

The resources and time that you put into developing your intuitive gifts are like the time and resources you put into developing any new work skill.

Many people complete training programs, sit in development circles, buy tools, crystals, books, and accumulate many other resources, all to help develop their gifts to the highest potential. It is okay to honour the spirit within yourself and the investment you have put into your development.

If you want to work with your gifts, you still need a roof over your head. You still need to put food on the table. You need to be able to look after yourself and others. Honour your own spirit and know that it is completely valid to ask for a payment in recompense for your time, your investments, your resources and your skills.

I hope that this article has helped to debunk some of the more common myths that circulate during a discussion about working with your intuitive gifts and safely communicating with the spirit world.

It is not too late for you to step firmly onto the path of developing or working with your gifts. Every day is a new opportunity to align with your soul’s calling.

Until next time,