Do you feel uncomfortable in a world of bright lights, loud sounds, crowds, and other people’s confused emotions? If you are an empath, who feels the energies around you, then your answer will probably be a resounding ‘Yes!’

Heightened sensitivity is a natural part of being empathic, and this makes it difficult to cope in your hectic, daily life.

Perhaps you have very sensitive hearing or an acute sense of smell? You may find shopping centers overwhelming, and you may be aware of other people’s feelings, pain, and thoughts. This hypersensitivity can leave you feeling drained of energy and emotionally exhausted. It’s important to understand how to manage it.

Your sensitivity is both your gift and a challenge.  Your senses convey messages from your intuition and from Spirit. However, when you feel swamped with impressions, you probably wish you could turn your sensitivity down.

Fortunately, you can learn to manage your sensitivity so that it works without overwhelming you. With the following energy management strategies, you will be the one in control.

Tips To Manage Energy Your Sensitivity

  • Remember that only your life is your responsibility. Do not absorb the energy of those around you, even the ones you care about. You can learn to help, without carrying their burdens. If you have a lot of pain in your body, release any concerns you are carrying for others.
  • Create healthy boundaries. Do not give away your power or free-will, even when someone disapproves of you. Your life is your choice.
  • If you are an energy healer, stay connected to the Source and your healing guides. Avoid pouring your life-force energy into your client.
  • Even if your role involves helping others, power down when you are not working. Do not stay ‘plugged in’ to spiritual energies all the time. Relax and live your physical life. You need experiences in the human world for your soul to grow.
  • Stay grounded. Re-charge with the energies of nature, laughter, movement and fun. Get the sleep you need.
  • Pull your energy field closer to your body. Do this before you go to public places, like shopping centers or feel swamped by crowds. Intend it. Imagine it. It’s done.

    When your energy is expanded, you sense everything around you. Draw back your aura to a comfortable level. You can also protect your energy with the triple seals of silver, gold and platinum. This prevents unhelpful energies from impacting you.
  • Remain mindful. Don’t dissociate from your body when you are over stimulated. That causes anxiety and confusion. Retract your energy field, imagine breathing right down to your feet, and relax.
  • If necessary, wear earplugs, sunglasses, and a hat to shelter your most heightened senses.
  • Practice turning down the stimulation in your environment with the power of your mind. Imagine you have an internal control dial that reduces the intensity of lights, sound, smell, touch and so on. Your belief makes it real. It’s self-hypnosis that works.
  • Use prayer and a strong intention of protection whenever you need it.
  • Remember your self-care. When you are exhausted, unwell or stressed, you will be more sensitive.  Take time to rejuvenate your energies by sitting in the power and doing things you enjoy.

Being sensitive is not an excuse to avoid a full and satisfying life. Your soul chose ‘you,’, and so a balance between the physical and spiritual planes is important. Although heightened sensitivity can be challenging, when you learn to manage all aspects of your energy, your sensitivity becomes your greatest gift.

You are needed. Your compassion and empathic skills help others find purpose and meaning. Look after yourself. Learn to manage your sensitivity so you remain strong and healthy physically, emotionally and spiritually. You can do it.

Until next time.



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