Hi Friends,

Working with Spirit is my passion. Perhaps you also are curious or passionate about exploring your spirituality and your intuitive gifts? You may even want to help others once you have the confidence to put yourself out there and know you are ready.

That’s why I’m delighted today to introduce you to my new online spiritual development courses.

I know it can be daunting to think about studying online. I’ve been there myself, and completed some online programs that were disappointing. That’s happened because the providers of the programs have not understood how to give students an enjoyable online learning experience. However, as a qualified teacher with 30 years’ experience, (and more than ten years of that experience spent teaching adults online), I’ve ensured my programs are professionally presented, straightforward, and easy to follow. The modules are based on videos which teach and demonstrate key knowledge and skills, so you do not need to read loads of information on screen. You can also participate in the programs in your own time and in the comfort of your own home, as you develop the confidence, skills and knowledge to safely explore your intuitive gifts.

Every module within my programs provides you with learning outcomes and learning activities that allow you to practise your skills. This makes your program directly relevant to you and your intuitive gifts. In addition to copies of my PowerPoint Presentations, I provide you with a range of audios and lots of resources that you can download. The audios help you to build your confidence, and create closer connections with your Spirit Team, your clients and your spiritual gifts.

One thing I am excited to share with you is that several of my programs have been approved by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT). IICT is a professional membership organization, and once you have practitioner status approved by IICT for specific modalities, you are automatically able to apply for insurance in those modalities.

Because of the high quality of my courses, graduates from my practitioner programs are eligible to join IICT, receive ‘Practitioner status’ in the modality/modalities of their program, AND receive 40% discount off their first year’s membership fees. The modalities I teach eligible to receive IICT recognition are Psychic Skills, and Mediumship/Channelling. ‘Chanelling’ is the American word for ‘Trance’. As you can imagine, finding a respected professional body that also helps you with insurance for using intuitive gifts can be difficult, so this is a great opportunity to become a practitioner if you feel called in this direction.

However – you do not need to work professionally in order to complete in my programs. You may be seeking to develop more self-confidence, or feel curious about whether you could help others, once you trust your gifts. I strongly believe that understanding who we are is the first step in any spiritual development journey.

Finding self-confidence and self-belief, and a connection to our own spirit, guide us to discover meaning and purpose in our lives. My programs help you with all of this. You can make a positive difference in your own life and the lives of those around you when you feel comfortable with yourself and understand more about your spiritual nature and the gifts you hold within.

Because of the different reasons students have for being interested in my programs, I’ve created different enrolment pathways.

  1. Become a Recognised Practitioner and Receive your Practitioner Certificate/s

To receive Practitioner status, you need to enrol in the program option that includes 3 months of mentoring with me, and also complete the Assessment once the program has finished. The 3-month mentoring option allows me to work with you in fortnightly Zoom sessions, with other students. In these mentoring sessions you can bring any questions you have about the program, and receive help with the assessment tasks. Don’t worry about the assessments . They are practical and based on the course work. I’ll help you through them.

Depending on which program you complete, you would receive a Practitioner Certificate in Psychic Skills or Mediumship. If you complete the Psychic Mediumship Skills Practitioner Program, you receive certificates in both Psychic Skills and Mediumship.

  • Choose to complete the program independently, without gaining your Practitioner Certificate. In this option, you do not complete 3 months of mentoring or do the Assessment. You have access to all resources, but work through the modules independently, for your own knowledge and skill enhancement. That’s also perfectly fine.

Please note, my programs that have been approved by IICT stipulate that mentoring is required, so if you do not complete the mentoring aspect and the Assessment, I cannot give you a Practitioner Certificate.

I am excited about my new online programs. I have confidence that they combine my passion for spiritual development and teaching skills, to create relevant and top quality learning experiences. Please enjoy checking out my programs on my website www.trustyourintuition.com

Blessings and Light

Michelle Robinson