If you are drawn to in this article, you may be keen to share your psychic skills by offering readings to friends or paying clients.  You may even just be wondering if you could work as a psychic one day. The idea may attract you, but you need more confidence, training, or practice.

I’d like to share a discovery I made in my earlier years of working professionally. It’s not something that is taught very often, but I found it invaluable.

No matter how you work with your intuition, it is important that you also understand how to build your energy so that it works best for you. Using your energy wisely is vital to being able to make strong psychic or mediumship connections.

Building energy is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Different gifts require the use of different energies, and different people find different strategies work for them. Excellent energy management places you in your ‘zone’ of best practice. Knowing how to sustain your power by creating an expanded energy field around you is paramount.

Here is a case-study that illustrates what I mean.

Krystle felt confused. Since experiencing an influx of clients, the quality of her readings had become erratic. When she saw one or two clients a day she had no problems; however, if she had four or more clients, she struggled.  She was even waking up feeling tired, something that had never happened before.  Her nutrition was good and she slept well. 

Krystle began meditating longer before each reading, taking herself to a very calm state. That had worked in the past, but it did not help now.

The solution to Krystle’s challenge was straightforward. She needed to understand her best working vibration so she could sustain her energy during a series of readings. Meditation, which calmed her, did not create the reserves she needed now her practice was busier.

With my guidance, Krystle learned to build her energy before, between and during client sessions. She learned to quickly replenish her energy tank.

Know Your Best Working Vibrations

Like Krystle, you may have experienced fluctuating energy levels or had days when any kind of work seemed easier than others.

This becomes less likely when you build the best energy to prepare and then sustain your work. More than one approach may be required. You need to understand what works best for you and what type of energy suits your purpose.

Let’s take a look at how Krystle built and sustained her energy for her psychic readings.

Prior to the client arriving, Krystle found ten minutes of meditation to center her mind and set her intention was helpful. It is important to quieten the conscious, analytical part of the mind before intuitive work. An undisciplined and over- active mind confuses intuitive messages.

After that, Krystle needed to boost her energy. She needed to connect to the spiritual power within her. Listening to uplifting songs combined with some dance movements made her feel alive and vibrant. She imagined breathing in the life-force of nature and expanding her auric field as she sat in her power. This gave her reserves of energy to draw on for multiple clients.

Krystle also discovered that short gaps between readings sustained her energy. Longer breaks just meant she had to lift her energy from scratch again. Twenty minutes between clients, with a slightly longer break for lunch, became her best combination. 

In learning how to build and sustain her energies, Krystle’s readings regained their quality and consistency. The same principle will apply to you, whether you choose to work as a psychic, an evidential medium, healer or in another field of spiritual practice.

If you are an evidential medium, you connect to loved ones in the spirit world, providing evidence of the continuance of life after death.

If you are a psychic, you use your intuition to provide insights about your client’s life, their challenges and options going forward. Within one session, the two skills can blend. Perhaps you work psychically, but can also receive messages from loved ones in spirit?

Both psychic work and evidential mediumship, require high energy levels.

Here are some tips to build your energy and put some extra ‘power’ in your energy tank.

Tips to Build Energy Levels

  • listen to uplifting music
  •  sing along with your favorite songs
  •  walk, dance, move
  •  imagine breathing in the energies of earth, wave, fire, wind and water
  • connect with your power and fill your auric field with light
  • watch something that makes you laugh 

An empowered energy field provides the reserves you need for all kinds of spiritual work. The only right way is what works best for you. Have fun experimenting with how you can build and sustain your energy. You will find these tips help you in any kind of work, and also in your daily life as you navigate your relationships. Power up and discover fatigue vanishes.

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