Daily Compass Oracle Cards


Guidance for Everyday Life.

53 Card Deck and Guidebook
The Daily Compass is the oracle deck for positive thinkers.  It is practical, easy to use and provides valuable insights for daily life.  The creative images and insightful texts support you in developing your own intuitive gifts.  Whether you tune the cards to read for others, or seek your own personal insights, this beautiful deck supports you in making positive life decisions.
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The Daily Compass deck unites the wisdom of Spirit with positive messages for everyday life. It helps you navigate your life with greater clarity and confidence. The cards are uplifting and practical, suitable for all levels of experience. Some are even a little humorous, as humor lightens our energy.

Michelle Robinson has worked with thousands of people whose lack of self-confidence sabotages them from living their best lives. They feel too anxious or unworthy to find the happiness they deserve. Yet, when communicating with Spirit, Michelle is consistently in awe of the great love and encouragement our Spiritual Guides and Loved Ones offer us. They never want us to give up on ourselves. Their encouragement is conveyed in these cards.

Whether reading for yourself or for another person, always remember that your compassion and intuition build the most accurate and helpful messages.


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