Open to Spirit Oracle Cards


Embrace the Wisdom of Spirit

50 Card Deck and Guidebook
Open to Spirit connects you with a higher wisdom as it reveals spiritual insights to guide your life.  This beautiful deck is rich in meaning and spurs you to answer your soul’s calling. What is it you most need to know?  Suitable both for novice seekers and experiences readers, this deck guides you to become the oracle within as you navigate your journey through life.


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The Open to Spirit deck offers insights of encouragement and hope. Its beautiful imagery and messages take you on an inward journey, away from the hectic physical world.

Many people live busy and ungrounded lives. Their mind is so overwhelmed that their Soul feels unheard amid the demands of daily life. This deck listens to the calling of your Soul. It provides gentle spiritual nourishment, offering wisdom that is deeper than a standard, psychic message. It provides you with opportunities to give and receive soul-readings.

Whether your chosen cards provide insights about your intuitive gifts, your Soul’s calling, self-healing or messages from the Spirit World, you will feel uplifted, supported and loved.

Always remember that your compassion and intuition build the most accurate and helpful messages.

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