Have you found yourself confused by a relationship with a partner?

I know that I have.

There was a time in my relationship with my partner when I had no idea what to do. After months of pain and confusion, I did not know whether our journey together still had more to unfold, or whether it had come to an end. I felt hurt, distrustful, and abandoned. I had no idea what the right way forward would be for me, for him, or for us.

The strange thing was that even during this difficult period, I had the feeling that our relationship was ‘meant to be’ in some way. I had a ‘knowing’ that my partner and I were together for an important reason and that we were learning lessons as our relationship evolved.

My problem was, I didn’t understand what the lessons were, or if they had been completed and it was time to move on. “What does it all mean?” I wondered.

During this confusing time, I felt that if I could find some clarity about the ‘larger picture’, I could cope with any outcome more easily.

Fortunately, by reaching deeply inside myself through meditation and spiritual contemplation, I rediscovered my strength and sense of direction. The strategies and tools that I used to find my way out of confusion and back to stability are contained in my recently released book, ‘Karma Couples – A Spiritual Self-Help Guide for Troubled Karmic Relationships.’

These strategies worked for me, and they can also help you.

Having had more than two decades of experience as a counsellor, hypnotherapist, and spiritual teacher, I already possessed  the tools to navigate my way towards wise decision making. I just needed to find the self-discipline to use the tools, so that I could lead myself out of darkness and once more towards the light of hope.

If you feel confused about your partner, then this book helps you decide whether you still have a shared journey, or if it is the right time for you to take a different path and begin a new life.

‘Karma Couples’ guides you to move beyond confusion and pain, so that you reconnect with the love that underpins all relationships. It helps you recognize and awaken to the lessons beyond the events and dramas in your life. You can find opportunities for forgiveness, even though you may be in pain.

‘Karma Couples’ connects you with your Higher Self and wisest decisions. It offers you a higher spiritual perspective on relationships, and also on the purpose of a human life, as you evaluate your own relationship. The last chapter provides answers to questions I have frequently been asked about relationships and the spirit world.

To help you work your way through the strategies and activities in each chapter, I have recorded eight meditations that are supplied as MP3 links in the book. This means that you will be able to relax in your own quiet time as you reach your insights and decisions about your relationship.

‘Karma Couples’ provides you with a step-by-step process to evaluate your relationship with your partner. It guides you to experience the truth of the relationship from a karmic perspective, and what that means for you, moving forward.  For help in navigating a troubled partnership, this book provides the guidance you need.