On a light note today, I am discussing the phenomenon of items appearing and disappearing under the influence of Spirit.

When something appears out of nowhere, and it just doesn’t seem to make any logical sense, it is called an ‘apporte,’ from the French verb apporter, ‘to bring’. When an item appears as an apporte, we can’t explain how that happens. Sometimes very unusual items appear, and sometimes the items that appear are recognized ‘calling cards’ or messages from loved ones in the spirit world.

 A ‘disport’ occurs when something disappears and we just can’t understand how that happens either. Sometimes objects disappear, only to reappear soon afterwards or even many years later.

How does it happen? Spirit persons can learn to manipulate matter. It is certainly possible when several spirit persons direct their collective energy towards an intention, such as turning on a light or moving an object, to gain your attention. Remember that spirit persons are vibrational beings and everything in the physical world is also vibrational, at its core.

Hence, depending on how skilled they are at being able to interact with the physical world, it is possible that your loved ones in spirit or a guide can make something appear or disappear in ways that seem astounding to you. They do that to send a message or let you know they are watching over you.

It is not uncommon to hear of an item disappearing, only to later hear that it has returned to that original position or perhaps returned to a place it would never normally be found. This may have happened to you.

Now, I am extremely practical and often skeptical when it comes to spiritual phenomena. Personally, I would say that in many cases where I can’t find something, it could be in my plain sight, and I am just not seeing it. I think that’s true for many of us. It’s like we have a blind spot in our in our mind, to what is very much in front of us at times. However, there are also occasions when we know without doubt that something has appeared that was not there before or something that was definitely there has been moved.

There was a time quite recently when I was really missing my Dad who passed last May. I was remembering his yellow shirt – a shirt I had bought for him – because he was wearing this shirt as I sat with him by his bed during his final hours. I was feeling very sad on this recent occasion, because I was missing the physical comfort of being able to put my hand on my Dad’s heart, which I did of course, during the morning when he was struggling with his breath and I was by his side.

I don’t share this story for sympathy. My point is that I was missing my Dad, and his yellow shirt was a symbol of his final hours with a heart that was still beating. It is my last memory of Dad in physical form. I’m sure you can relate to that.

Soon afterwards, my day became interesting. I walked out of my back door and there, just on the step, was a perfectly formed little yellow feather. Now, this little yellow feather just wasn’t a yellow feather that a bird might have dropped. It was a perfectly little yellow feather that was artificially dyed. It had come from some kind of toy or foreign object, and found its way to my home.

In another example of synchronicity, also on the same day that I was reminiscing about my father’s yellow shirt, I was reading a book by medium John Holland. The chapter I was reading revealed that feathers are often sent as symbolic messages from our loved ones in the spirit world. In fact, I had just read that chapter when I discovered the feather.

Naturally, I picked up that little feather and it now sits next to my father’s photo.

Spirit manipulate and move objects for a reason. It may be to get our attention or to make us pause and think about something. It may be to let us know that they are still close to us, even though we cannot see them.

Spiritual phenomena motivate us to pay attention, to slow down, to take notice, because there is a message that we need to receive. Often the intention is playful, especially if the spirit who is doing the moving is a friend or had a great sense of humor. They might just turn an object upside down or move something to a new position.

Because Spirit are energy beings, they can also manipulate electricity and electrical appliances. While I always advocate checking the most obvious explanation of electrical issues first – in other words, you need an electrician or need to change a bulb – it is also common for our spiritual friends to flash lights on and off, turn electrical appliances on and off and fiddle with our clocks.

I’ve experienced a light spontaneously turning on in response to my internal question of whether someone had crossed safely to the other side. The switch was actually pushed into the ‘on’ position, with no-one near it at the time. That was a sign for me that this person had been received into the love of Spirit. Our spiritual friends hear our thoughts, and are still very involved in our life. Some still have the ability to interact with us in this way – not all, but some.

Don’t be disappointed if you ask your Mum or Dad to turn on a light or turn something upside down and nothing happens. As spirits become more refined in their energy and lose more of their once physical vibration, they may be less able to manipulate physical objects in our world. At a certain point, your spirit friends’ interactions with you may become more mental than physical. In other words, they send you thoughts, healing and inspiration. They may not manipulate objects or play with electricity.

 I hope that you have found this subject interesting. There is no need to feel frightened if you experience spiritual phenomena, and always check first the logical, human explanation for anything unusual. Your loved ones in Spirit do their best to let you know their love and support is always with you. Acknowledge their calling cards and messages. Love is the glue that connects the two worlds.

Have a wonderful day.
Michelle x