I vividly remember the first time I offered a psychic reading to a paying client. Previously, I had donated hundreds of readings to friends, family members, colleagues, charity events and the local spiritual church, but had always laughed away suggestions of payment. It was a passion, I told myself. A hobby. I liked helping others. I didn’t need payment for that.

One day my phone rang, and a woman who introduced herself as Denise explained that a mutual friend had recommended me to her. She wanted to book an hour’s psychic reading as soon as possible and said she would pay whatever I asked.

Self-doubt washed over me like a swiftly flowing tide. My initial reaction was to refuse using any excuse I could. However, I had the sense to pause and take a deep breath before I spoke my doubts out loud.

I took another deep breath and replied to Denise in a friendly, even voice. “Of course, let me tell you how I work, and we can see if I am a good fit for what you are looking for.”

After our conversation, Denise was keen to book her appointment and we scheduled the session for late that same afternoon.

All I had to do was transform my emotional butterflies into confident assurance. In doing so, I replaced self-doubt with positive thoughts, set an empowered intention to be of service to Denise, and stepped into the mindset of a professional psychic.

The reading was a success.

In agreeing to Denise’s reading, I discovered the power of my thoughts to either help or limit me. At first, my thoughts undermined my confidence, and I faltered. Even though I knew I was competent, I had almost said, “No.”

Fortunately, I caught my thoughts in action and switched them into positive self-talk.

I wonder if you can relate to how I felt that first time with Denise? Can you relate to a time when doubt or fear almost held you back from something you knew you could do?

Since then, I have refined my positive thinking strategies, and now help others who are keen to work with their gifts to develop their intuition safely and confidently.

Mind Rehearsal Statements are a great strategy to train your brain to support your intuitive work. These statements become the voice of an inner coach who encourages you to step into your power and fulfil your potential.

One of the most common fears I have helped empaths and intuitives overcome is being seen by others as a ‘fake’ or ‘fraud’. Although they may have intuitive abilities, self-doubt can mean they feel like an imposter. This self-doubt means they ‘play small,’ restricting how and when they use their gifts. If you or someone you know relates to this, I recommend using the following Mind Rehearsal Statements to boost confidence.

Start by looking at your reflection in the mirror. Next, take a deep breath and connect to yourself as you say:

 “Today I will shine. I flow with life. My gifts work naturally and easily.”

Place a hand on your heart and repeat:

“Yes – today I will shine. I flow with life. My gifts work naturally and easily.”

Tailor these or create your own Mind Rehearsal Statements that resonate with you. Use them every day. Mind Rehearsal Statements are powerful when they are straightforward and easy to remember.

Another important confidence strategy is to set an empowered intention. An empowered intention takes the focus away from your performance and places your attention on the wellbeing of your client, which is where it belongs. It focuses on your purpose and boosts your skills.

Your empowered intention does three essential things.

  1. It aligns you energetically with what you are about to do. This strengthens your intuition.
  2. It connects the client with the highest possible outcome, one that may be beyond your knowing.
  3. It lets your spiritual team of guides know that you are ready to work. Provided your intention is positive, they will not let you down. They will assist you to the extent that spiritual and Earthly laws allow.

I recently offered trance healing to Chris, who told me he was deeply depressed. My empowered intention was:

May I be a clear, true channel for compassion, the healing energy of the Source, and the guidance of Spirit. May the Divine Plan for Chris’ life be done and may the healing continue after my session with him is over. Thank you.

This intention could also have begun as an affirmation:

I am a clear, true channel for compassion, the healing energy of the Source, and the guidance of Spirit.

Through following my spiritual path as a healer, psychic medium and teacher, I’ve been privileged to help hundreds of empaths, healers and mediums embrace their gifts and their confidence. No matter whether you are just beginning to feel the call to develop and work with your gifts, or are already a practitioner, self-confidence is the cornerstone of your success.

My book, ‘Your Intuitive Gifts At Work’ as well as my online Psychic Skills and Psychic Mediumship courses guide you step by step as you refine your gifts and get the confidence you seek. If you feel ready to answer the call, and put your gifts to work, check out my website Trust Your Intuition | Home


Michelle Robinson

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