When in tricky situations, how do we protect our energy?  In an earlier article I explained about sitting in a bubble of our expanded light and imagining 3 seals of light around the outer edge of our energy field –  silver, gold, and platinum seals of protection.  In this article I will discuss how you can avoid being drawn into situations where your energy will be drained. 

Where our attention goes, our energy flows.  In other words, where we allow ourselves to be drawn towards, is where our energy goes.  Imagine standing near the edge of a high cliff, peering down.  Some people will feel as though they are at risk of plummeting to the ground, because looking down makes them feel as though they are being drawn towards the earth.

This phenomenon occurs because of an energetic ‘pull’ that follows the person’s attention.  Provided they are psychologically well and balanced, there is no risk they will jump; however, they may feel as though they are being ‘pulled downwards’ when they look down. I’ve met people who have the same reaction when riding on a ferris-wheel or on the top of a very tall building.

If you have ever experienced this sensation, it can be disconcerting – even unnerving.  What is happening is that your eyes are drawing you towards that lower place.  Your attention, through your gaze, is sending your energy towards the ground, and you can feel the magnetic pull of your energy as your attention goes there.

Here is another very common example of energy following our attention.

While driving we notice a car accident that has occurred on the opposite side of the road. People are gathered around two smashed cars, and the ambulance has already arrived. It is human nature to become quickly absorbed in this scene. Our eyes leave the road ahead of us, and we strive to see what is happening for those involved in the accident.  At the same time, our energy follows our attention and flows into the distressing scene.

Even though the accident was not our own experience, we feel involved in the lives of those who were injured.  It is hard to bring our attention back to our own driving responsibilities, as our mind rests with the people who were hurt. Part of our energy remains at the scene of the accident, and even when we finally focus on our driving again, we may feel scattered, anxious, and upset. Without knowing it, some of the trauma that belongs to others returned to us when our attention returned to our energy field.

Similar experiences of our energy following our attention occur during our daily lives. People wonder why they get exhausted and feel emotional. It is too easy to be energetically affected by someone else’s heightened experience. The scenario could be as commonplace as at a shopping centre or in your workplace where other people are arguing. If you continue to watch that scenario with interest, you are allowing yourself to be drawn into it, and it will impact your energy.  If you are an intuitive person, who has an open and expanded energy field, you will attract and bring back to yourself the emotional upset, making you feel unsettled and out of balance, even though these other people had nothing to do with you in the first place.  

To avoid feeling like this, you need more efficient energy management.  I will share a technique that allows us to remain neutral when we observe something, and not get drawn into the energy of it by our eyes. Have fun with this experiment.

Imagine looking at a point some distance away from where you now are, perhaps the corner of your room for example.  It should be at least two metres away.  Now I would like you to really focus on that point as though you were quite close it.  Without moving closer, absorb yourself in that point of focus.  Allow your gaze to take you there and absorb yourself in what you see; you will be aware of more things than you have noticed before.  There may be shadows, or marks on the wall if you are inside your home. 

Now, release that absorption.  Let it go and blink three times.  Clear the screen of your mind, and bring your focus back to where you actually are.  What was happening in that experiment was that in absorbing yourself through your gaze, there was a drawing of your energy towards that spot.  That’s what usually happens.  If that focal point had something of importance to you, for example, if you were watching two people having an argument or hugging, there would also be an emotional drawing of your energy as you observed them.

Let’s now experiment with remaining neutral while we observe. Find another point at least two metres away from you, but this time just glance at that spot.  Be aware that your energy remains exactly where you are.  Observe that point in a way that does not absorb you.  There is no sense of being drawn towards it. Your eyes are just like a camera, and you contain your energy and attention within your own space. After about fifteen seconds, blink three times, clear your mind and return to the present moment.

Although during the second exercise your gaze was more than a glance, you observed the focal point from a neutral perspective, and did not lose energy like you may have done in the first experiment.  This has a useful application for us in our lives.  Each of us can learn to contain our energy within our energy field and choose not to send it into situations that are not our concern or business.  Moving through life and being able to contain our energy is vitally important when you are a sensitive person, because your auric field may be open and more expanded than people who are not as empathic.

Remember to keep your auric field a little closer to your body when in chaotic or busy situations and also to manage where your energy flows through your attention.  This will help you feel less drained and tired at the end of each day.

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