This article explores how our spiritual loved ones and guides communicate with us. It’s been relevant for me recently, to reflect on the ways that Spirit let us know they are close to us and are still watching over us. The language of Spirit takes many forms, and today I share my experiences, hoping they will help you discover even more ways in which your spiritual friends still touch your lives.

Our spiritual friends do not always communicate in words. Visual images of memories are one of the most common methods they use to let us know they are thinking of us. They impress into our mind a memory of a time we shared with them. That means that as they are thinking of us, we also think of them, and our minds and hearts connect once again.

I know that Spirit communicate through memories and images, because I often receive such images for clients who visit me for spiritual healing. A flash of a scene or an image enters my mind that has no relevance for me. When I share my impression with the client, they recognize immediately that a particular person who is in the spirit world is reminding them of a shared memory. The memory always encapsulates something personal. It may not be a ‘big event’ but it means something to the intended recipient.

This week, while channeling spiritual healing to a client named Rosa, I saw bottles of tomato sauce. It seemed a bit absurd, but I asked Rosa about the significance of tomato sauce and her family. Rosa replied that her Grandmother in Spirit is Italian, and together they had made home-made tomato sauce for many years when she was younger. It is a strong tradition in Rosa’s family. Rosa went on to say that she had been talking with this Grandmother while driving to my clinic, and asked her for a sign that she had been heard.

This is just one recent example of many visual impressions and memories spirit persons have impressed into my mind, for my clients .

In the same way, your loved ones in the spirit world will take opportunities to remind you of precious moments you have shared together, through memories and images.

The memory may come at an unexpected time, and you may think, “Goodness, I wasn’t thinking about that person. I wonder where that memory has sprung from?”

It is likely that if that unexpected memory reminds you of someone who is in the spirit world, then the memory did not originate in your mind. It is very possible that it was placed there by the spirit person with whom the memory was shared. In that moment, they were able to make a connection with you. You were in the right vibration to receive that memory. This is easier when you are relaxed, distracted or in a meditative state. You need to be receptive to a spiritual message if you are going to be aware of it, and some space between thoughts, helps. Trying too hard to make contact with someone in spirit can actually prevent a clear connection.

Receiving shared memories or seeing an unexpected image of a loved one allow us to receive reassurance from the spirit world without needing to close our eyes and say, “OK, I really need a message today. Please, tell me something I need to know.”

Another way that your spiritual friends let you know that they close to you, is when you feel a vibration that suddenly comes up the back of your neck and through your hair. It is like having the goosebumps right up your spine and neck.

This feeling is a sign that you are feeling the vibration of a spirit person. They bring their energy closer to you to say, “I’m here with you.” If you had been thinking about how much you missed your Mum shortly before feeling a vibration like this, then you can be pretty sure your Mum is letting you know that she has not forgotten you. Not for one second. Love connects the worlds.

You can help improve your understanding of who your spirit contact is by asking your spirit friends to be felt in particular places. Many people select the left side of the body for female spirits. You can let the spirit world know that if the communicator is female, they will be felt on your left. You can also ask that grandparents (and others on that level) are felt high on your head, while parents (or others on that level) are felt lower, such as around your face. You can create the same sorting system for male spirits who will join you on your right side. Don’t make the process unwieldy, but this can be a good way to recognize key spiritual communicators while you are still developing other spiritual senses such as sight, hearing and knowing. Often, sensing (feeling) spirits is the first step in a person’s development.

It is also possible to request that the energy of a spiritual guide is felt in a particular location, such as on the back of the head or above your crown. With practice, you can build a sense of whose energy you are feeling. It doesn’t happen in a day, but over a period of months, you will receive reliable results.

Your spiritual friends will also communicate with you through thoughts. They are able to impress thoughts in your mind, if you are receptive to hearing them. Very often they send you a message that you need to hear through the words of a song. Suddenly you realize you have a song playing through your mind and its words are exactly what you need to hear, or the song reminds you of a person in spirit who always supported you.

Songs on the radio are another way that you can receive a spiritual message. You might be in the car thinking of your Dad and then Frank Sinatra’s song, ‘My Way’ comes on. That song might be what was played at your Dad’s funeral, or maybe your Dad loved that song. The timing of such songs is no coincidence. You were guided to listen to that station at that time.

Wherever possible, Spirit will do their best to get a message to you. Sometimes this involves symbolic items you associate with a particular person. Feathers, butterflies, dragonflies and doves are just a few methods through which people receive symbolic messages from family and friends. It can seem incredible the way our symbolic messages arrive when we most need to know we are still loved and cared for. The more unusual the symbol that you have chosen for a message, the more amazing it feels when it shows up in your life.

Dreams are another important communication tool through which Spirit try to communicate with you. If you remember a vivid dream that makes you feel emotional because it involved someone who is in the spirit world, chances are it was a real meeting between worlds. When we are in a dream state, our spiritual friends can more easily join their minds with ours, hoping for a chance of communication. True spiritual dreams have a ‘real life’ feel to them. If you connect with a loved one during a dream, there will be something special about the dream that you remember.

The central message in this article is that you are never alone. Your family and friends in the spirit world do their best to let you know they still love you and watch over you. Remain alert to the subtle ways in which they attempt to send you messages.

Have a wonderful week.

Michelle x