I feel excited when I hear stories of how people from different backgrounds have ended up working with their intuition. So often, they began in a mainstream role, working in a predictable way. However, over time, they discovered that they had something ‘extra’ to offer that was hard to explain. They began sensing what their clients, colleagues or customers were feeling, and they knew what someone needed without being told. Gradually, the pull to explore this ‘knowing’ or ‘gut instinct’ became stronger and stronger. Their ability to sense what each person needed became spot on.

This was the beginning of their intuitive journey – a journey that allowed them to add much more value to every area of their life, including their work.

Stephanie is a massage therapist. Although she had always been interested in the healing qualities of plants and herbs, it was in her thirties that this interest became her passion. At the same time, she noticed that her massages were changing. She now worked according to what the body of her client ‘told her’ it needed. She instinctively knew how long to spend in each area, what level of pressure was required and where the deeper inflammation lay.

Her hands became very warm during the massages, and many clients told her she had, ‘healing hands.’

Stephanie felt pulled to explore her intuition. She joined a spiritual meditation circle and felt her psychic abilities expanding. She also studied Reiki Energy healing so that she could offer Reiki as an extra service. Reiki involves channelling the energy of the Universe to balance and support a person’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. It was a very compatible addition to massage.

The more Stephanie opened her mind to her intuition, the deeper were the insights that flowed. She began to intuit the combination of essential oils that best suited each client’s needs, and offered her clients a small bottle of oil for home-use after each session.

In meditation, Stephanie received guidance about how to create blends of essential oils for challenges such as anxiety, stress, back pain, nerve pain and a range of other complaints. The feedback she received from her clients was the evidence she needed to keep working intuitively, adding energy healing and essential oil therapy within her massage practice.

Stephanie is only one mainstream practitioner who has discovered the richness that flows when our intuitive gifts integrate with our skills and abilities. I have heard many similar stories from people working across the spectrum of society – some are complementary therapists like counsellors, kinesiologists, naturopaths, nurses and chiropractors. Others continue to work in roles where using one’s intuition may seem unusual, and yet their intuitive skills are a wonderful enhancement to their work. I know I felt that way while I was teaching. Being able to ‘feel’ what my students were experiencing helped me build rapport and empathy.

If you know that your intuition is calling you to put it to work, no matter where or how, check out my book, ‘Your Intuitive Gifts At Work.’ It’s the foundation you need to work safely, and confidently with empathic, psychic and mediumship gifts.

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