Working with your Gifts in Mainstream Life

I was first catapulted into the world of spirit in 1994 when I met a ‘ghost’ in the home my husband and I had recently purchased. He reached out to me by talking to me in my mind, which at the time, shocked and confused me. I learned his name was Norm and that he had died in a plane crash. When I researched my home’s previous owners, sure enough, I found this man – a pilot named Norm, who had died in a small plane crash in the 1960s.

In the following weeks, I experienced an enormous amount of emotional turmoil. Although I was not afraid of Norm, I felt his life in our home limited him. About nine months after our first contact, Norm agreed to cross to the spirit world, and that evening my loungeroom light spontaneously turned on. I knew he had been safely received on the other side. 

For the first time in my life, I believed with certainty in life after death. I knew that our spiritual essence goes on. My life had purpose and meaning because death was not the end.

After meeting many wonderful people at various stages of exploring their intuitive gifts, I have heard hundreds of stories about the ways in which people have been introduced to Spirit.

I wonder what your defining experience or moment was? The moment or series of moments that caused you to explore your gifts or the meaning of your life?

Perhaps, it was a difficult time like an emotional challenge, during which your spirituality became your way of coping. Perhaps you experienced an event that rocked the previously solid foundations of your life or beliefs. I know I felt that way. Perhaps you have always just known that you were ‘different’ from members of your family or friends.

As I learned more about intuition and spirituality, my empathic gifts strengthened. I discovered that like any skill, practice improved accuracy. Although I was not working as a psychic, psychic gift, healing energies and mediumship skills began to unfold.

During this time I worked in a mainstream job as a teacher and counsellor. I found that my intuition was a great help in supporting the hundreds of teenagers and adults I worked with every year. Insights just flowed naturally. I could ‘sense’ what the other person was feeling, and was able to establish a rapid and genuine rapport. Best of all, the insights were always encouraging and compassionate, helping them to find hope and strength.

Once I retired from mainstream teaching and set up my private counselling clinic, I worked entirely intuitively. Keen to be the best intuitive therapist I could be, I studied psychic skills, mediumship, healing and trance with some of the best tutors in the world. Now I share the skills and knowledge I have gained with others, like you.   

Any role that involves working with other people means that those peoples’ energies impact you. If you are sensitive and an empath, like I am, then you need to understand how to manage your energy so that you do not feel drained or overwhelmed. Chaotic energies, bright lights, noise and crowds may make you feel disorientated and off-balance.

Learning how to remain grounded and centred no matter where you are or who you are with is paramount to your wellbeing. The alternative is to feel burnt out and exhausted without understanding why.

For more than twenty years now, I have guided people like you to develop and work with their intuitive gifts through my books and online courses.

You don’t have to be a psychic, a medium or a healer to offer others the benefit of your intuition. Your gifts are who you are. You may be a therapist in a complementary healing field such as massage, kinesiology, naturopathy, or work as I did, in a mainstream role. You can integrate your intuitive gifts into what you already do, offering even more value than before. Most important, is that those gifts are used ethically and wisely.

My book, ‘Your Intuitive Gifts At Work,’ teaches you eight essential ‘keys’ that unlock the potential of your gifts. The case studies in the book provide real-life examples of how I have been able to help other practitioners who were facing common challenges.

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