With the constant stream of depressing news offered by the media, it is difficult for sensitive people to remain positive and optimistic. This is because we are all in a kind of ‘energy soup,’ and the energy of fear, mistrust, pain and loneliness that swirls around us during these times, impacts us whether we know it or not. As intuitives, we must learn to live in our society without succumbing to the negative, anxious energies offered by the media

I’m going to share in this article a technique I learned while studying a course in energy management at the Arthur Findlay College in England. During this course I was taught that it is possible to observe, without being drawn into what is being observed. In other words, I learned to watch or see an event, without sending my energy into it or ‘buying into’ what was occurring.

The crux of this technique is maintaining a very neutral attitude when looking at something, so you do not get drawn into it, How is this relevant to the media? Given the constant coverage of the pandemic and the stories that break even the strongest hearts, you can learn to watch and listen without absorbing the emotional impact of the events. When we become involved in an event or a story, we run a real risk of taking on some of the energies of drama and sadness. Before we know it, we start feeling anxious, emotional, perhaps even angry, without understanding why. The reason is that we have unintentionally sent our energy to these situations or people, and the brought some of that negative energy back with us.

Intuitive people instinctively want to help others. That means that when we see a person in crisis or a group of people suffering, we send empathy and energy towards them. That’s what a healer does. However, it is vital to choose when we do this so that we understand and can control our energy. Being ‘sucked into’ a media story is not an example of intentionally working with our energy. We lose energy or absorb unhelpful energies without being aware of it.

When watching, reading, or listening to the media, imagine you are like a camera. Observe or listen while holding your energy within yourself. If you want to send healing or prayer, do it intentionally, and then return your focus once more to your own space. Do not haemorrhage energy by being drawn into someone else’s misery. That means you have less energy to work with in positive ways.  

The news will change our moods as it tends to drain our energy.  This will on exacerbate our worries even if those worries are not directly related to the news we are watching.  Watching too much news increases anxiety so we need to be wary.

If the news causes us stress, you may wonder why we keep going back for more?  The simple answer is because it is entertainment. Our brain is wired so that we pay attention to information that causes fear – known as ‘negativity bias’.  We are attracted to troubling information because our brain is programmed to detect threats, not to overlook them. We automatically focus on negative content and the news we consume reflects this. Rather than focussing on the amount of news we watch every day, we need to consider how it is we engage with the news in our everyday lives.

In focussing on how you feel, you will be made aware how your moods are affected. If you become aware that the news makes you feel pessimistic, take a break by involving yourself with a mood lifting activity. Try simple things like playing some music, dance like no one is watching, exercise, or even change the channel and watch something that makes you laugh.  This will restore your energy, bringing you back into the light.

Most of us these days have news alerts set on our smartphone allowing a 24 hour news cycle.  Turn those alerts off and designate a time of day when you watch the news. Consider limiting your news consumption to just once per day, sometime during the day or before dinner.  It is extremely important not to watch news before bedtime as you want positive thoughts in your mind as you drift to sleep.  

Staying aware and informed is a good thing, but when it comes to your energy, too much news can spell trouble. Learn to observe without engaging in media stories that are troubling. Be like a camera, watching, without absorbing the impacts of energy that does not belong to you. You will then have plenty of energy left to do the positive energy work you consciously choose.

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