Could you use some help with overcoming procrastination or negative thinking?

When we procrastinate about starting or finishing something, we often feel as though we would like to do it, but we just can’t find the motivation. Unfortunately, finding motivation can be difficult. It’s even harder to feel motivated if we have a sabotaging voice in our mind suggesting not to bother trying in the first place. That negative voice saps our energy before we achieve our goal, even if that goal really matters to us. Sometimes, we need a little help to find motivation and create a positive day.

A focused intention is a great motivation tool. A focused intention provides the fuel to empower our thoughts and actions. It motivates us towards achieving a positive outcome. However, I’ve found that it’s easy to forget to set a daily intention, and even easier to let procrastination or negative self-talk undermine hopes and plans.

Understanding the importance of setting a focused intention is the reason I’ve created the Daily Compass Oracle Cards. This beautiful deck offers inspiration and practical, helpful guidance to set you up for a positive day.

Whether you choose one or more cards to read for yourself, (or for someone else), the messages will connect you with uplifting thoughts and feelings. These cards don’t identify potential problems and leave you to deal with them on your own. That’s not helpful. The Daily Compass Oracle Cards provide you with the guidance and reassurance to realise you can achieve your goals and cope with life’s challenges. They are like your own ‘coach’, encouraging you to have confidence and resilience.

When you have a positive intention, you have the energy and the focus that you need to achieve the goals that you have set for yourself.

As a counsellor, I’ve helped hundreds of people who felt lethargic, anxious and, depressed because negative thoughts destroyed their confidence. Many clients needed some kind of daily ‘signpost’ to remind them that their life had worth and value.

My Daily Compass Oracle Cards provide that signpost.

This deck helps you to create the confidence to achieve your goals and pursue your passions. There are fifty-three beautiful cards, each with empowering messages and images to inspire your day. The reverse image on each card is a compass surrounded by pearls, signifying personal guidance through pearls of wisdom.

I am passionate about positive thinking and the power of our thoughts. I know that thoughts are the basis for our feelings, and that thoughts and feelings either motivate or sabotage us. The Daily Compass Oracle Cards link you with your strengths and resources. Each card encourages you towards the best outcome in any situation.

In creating the Daily Compass Oracle Cards, my intention was to channel messages that remind every person their life has purpose and meaning. The cards encourage you to care for yourself and remember your self-worth as you resolve challenges and explore your life.

The valuable support and guidance in these cards provide a strong basis for setting positive intentions. Check out the Daily Compass Oracle Cards from my website,  and begin the flow of powerful intentions into your life right now. Let go of procrastination, and reach for the goals and passions that inspire you.


Michelle Robinson