Do you find that you have an inner critic who sabotages you or expects you to fail before you even try something new?

This is a complaint I heard frequently while working in my clinical hypnotherapy and counselling practice. The challenge for so many clients was their lack of self-confidence. This impacted them in almost all areas of their lives. Too often, their own thoughts predicted they would fail or told them that they weren’t good enough to succeed.

In my sessions with clients, I shared brain-training strategies for positive thinking, and offered practical tips to release old hurts. After every appointment I sent each client a long email reminding them of the strategies they had learned. These emails added hours to my working day, and finally I realized that I could help a lot more people by collating my best strategies in a book.

My newly released book, ‘I’m Positive! Program Your Thoughts and Feelings to Create a Positive Life’ is the culmination of more than two decades of my professional experience as a hypnotherapist and counsellor, in real life practice.

‘I’m Positive!’ teaches you to program your thoughts and feelings to create the life you truly desire – a life that you are worthy of.

One client, in particular, inspired me to create and publish this book. I worked with Judy over several months as she struggled to adjust to a long-term health challenge. She was desperate to find the strength to face her issues with courage. She wanted to turn around her limited thinking and embrace everything that was still positive in her life. However, she struggled and was frequently upset and anxious.

By embracing the strategies I taught her, Judy created a positive mindset. She began to think more optimistically and feel in control of her life. She found herself searching for signs of hope and light, rather than expecting negative outcomes, as she had done in the past.

The strategies I shared with Judy helped her so much that I wanted to share them with others.

Judy has kindly agreed to be a case-study in my book. This is what Judy had to say about how I was able to help her to help herself:

“When I first met Michelle, I was in a bad way, physically, emotionally and mentally. With her skills, knowledge, and caring nature, Michelle enabled me to turn my life around. The positive life skills she shared have enabled me to cope with my health issues, and I’ve learned how to live a much better life.”

If you need help in being a friend to yourself, and not a saboteur, ‘I’m Positive!’ can assist. It is packed full of practical strategies that guide you to let go of limiting thoughts and emotional hurts. You can feel confident, optimistic and in control of your choices. You’ll learn how to steer your life in the direction you choose, and reprogram your mind so that positive thoughts and feelings become your natural default.

I know what it feels like when your own mind convinces you that you will fail before you even try. I know how disheartening it is to hear an inner voice criticizing you, and to believe the lie that you are incapable of success.

My book offers practical and helpful tips that you can use right away to steer you in a more positive direction with your life. It comes with links to six complementary audios that you can download immediately. Judy is one of thousands of people who have found the strength to face their fears, let go of their anxiety and live the life that they truly deserve.

You can do this, too. I’m positive!