Today I am discussing a subject very close to my heart – the role of our spiritual guides.  One of the things that I have learned – and I didn’t know this when I began my spiritual development – is that spiritual guides often present themselves to us in a symbolic way.

A symbolic presentation of a spiritual guide occurs when the guide comes in a form you can recognize as a ‘stereotype’ of what we may expect a guide to look like or be. For example, sometimes a guide gives the impression of being a Native American Indian, a Chinese person, a monk, a nun, a medicine man or medicine woman, or a recognized spiritual figure, such as Mother Mary or Jesus. Since spiritual guides may have lived many lifetimes, the form they assume when they communicate with us is often relative to the function or role they play in our lives, rather than suggesting that they are, at this moment in Spirit, the form they present to you.

While I would never claim that one of your guides was not a Native American Indian, for example, it is also true that guides generally come to us in a way that tells us something about the way that they are going to be working with us.It is for our needs rather than theirs that they may come in a particular form, because spiritual guides are energy beings who live in the spirit world. They have likely had lives on Earth, but that may be some time ago. They may also have had many lives in other dimensions. When they show themselves to us in one particular form, this helps us to develop a personal relationship with that guide.

The information that I’ve received when I’ve linked with my guides is, “Don’t get hung up on what we look like and don’t worry about finding our name, because names and appearances are only relevant in the human world.”The guides who work with us would rather that we focused on deepening our relationship with them, blending our mind and energy with theirs, and discovering what they may be offering us rather than getting hung up on their gender, cultural background and name.

If your guides do reveal themselves in a form you can recognize, that’s wonderful. However, do not think you are failing if you cannot receive this type of information. Images and names are just ways that guides give us a ‘calling card’ so that we recognize which guide draws close. There are other ways you can recognize individual guides, such as what you sense about their energy, where you feel them or a color you receive with a certain guide. Never feel that if you do not have an image of your guide or a name, that your guide is not there when you need them. They most definitely are there and hear your thoughts.

Often guides come as a team. There may be one guide that you are more aware of than others. That guide is the ‘front runner’ for several guides who are working in a similar role to that main guide. If you are working in trance, this is certainly the case. The guide you sense most frequently represents several other guides. For example, if you are working with healing and you sense a Native American connection, then that guide could represent a whole team of spiritual guides who are there to assist you.

If you connect to your guide for insights and a deeper understanding of life, you may sense an Oriental guide to symbolize ‘wisdom’ or ‘learning’.These are just examples of what may happen, and are not to be taken as what you must expect.The ‘front runner’ guide is also known as your ‘control guide’ or ‘spirit control’ because they lead communication between you. This spirit control is very likely representing the intelligence of a group of guides who are working with you at the same time. The only control they exert is to help your mind remain passive and your energy remain harmonized for the purpose you have chosen. They never ‘take control’ or enter your body. A spiritual guide comes to enhance your life and help you achieve your soul’s lessons. It does not take decisions for you or control your life in any way.

Many spiritual seekers feel that they have a monk, a nun or a religious figure of some kind, such as Mother Mary, the Christ , the Buddha or some other highly elevated master, working with them. It is only natural that spiritual ‘masters’ may influence you with their energy to enhance your spiritual development or the service you offer to others. They can be anywhere in the world with just a thought, since energy in the spirit world moves with the speed of thought. The energy of Mother Mary, (or of any spiritual teacher), who offers comfort, healing and spiritual knowledge, can be with millions of people all over the planet at the same time as you.

It is important to remember that our guides can change. Try not to become so fixated on one image or one name that you fail to recognize when there may be a change in your guides. It is true that some guides will stay with you for life, and you may have received this message from one or more of your guides. It is also true that guides change as we evolve so that they can best help us in our development.

It is logical when we think about it. In the same way that you did not have the same teacher in grade one, as you had in grade 12, your guides will come and go when appropriate. The subtle make up of our teams will change as we move into different phases of our life and as our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs evolve. Some guides may be with us for a lifetime and others may come to us for a reason or a ‘season’.

In addition to the teaching and helping guides who are not personally known to us in our current lifetime, we can also connect with those now in the spirit world whom we knew while they were on Earth. Your family members, loved ones and friends want to continue to help you when they return to the spirit world. Sometimes they even guide us in our spiritual endeavors. I have two friends, now in Spirit, who were very interested in spiritual development. They continue to help me with my spiritual work and also in my daily life.

Our family members in the spirit world usually assist with our emotional and physical support. They may watch over our children and other family members. They can offer a great deal of love, support and guidance. They may influence the right people to cross our path at the right time. Such guides are known as familiar guides or family guides, as opposed to our spiritual guides who we have (generally) not known in this life.

Although we may not have known our spiritual teaching guides in this life, we certainly knew them before we incarnated to Earth. They were carefully chosen and their roles mapped out. In a similar way to the process of choosing the family into which we are born, we play a role in selecting the spiritual guides who support us from the spirit world. In fact, many of the main events and relationships we will encounter are discussed and revealed before we return to Earth. These have been chosen to advance our soul’s learning, and so many of these experiences may test and challenge us.

I want you to know that your guides never grow tired of you. They don’t give up on you. They don’t run out of patience. They are there with a loving and open energy whenever you need them or talk with them. Your guides come with love and patience because they are dedicated to the role that they have chosen. They understand that life sometimes takes you away from your spiritual connections. They don’t dessert you. You are always watched over, loved and guided. Just being aware of that is a wonderful bonus. Whether a person knows about their spiritual guides or not, every person has the love and support of their guides. Every person is a spiritual being who is finding their way back home to the Light.

It is essential to remember that guides must work within the boundaries of spiritual law. Our life is our responsibility, and they will not take that responsibility away. Guides will not make decisions for you or me. Each of us has free will and the choices we make are our own.

Guides can offer signposts on our journey to prompt us or help us see things that we might otherwise have missed. They can place people or situations on our path so that we correct our direction if we are off-course. They may also bring us into alignment with a lesson we need. However, ultimately, we make our own choices and our guides bear no responsibility for our free will. They will not interfere in our lives or the lives of anyone else.

In closing, I invite you to spend 15 minutes or so most days, creating a quiet space in which to just ‘be’ with your guides. This will help to create a harmony of energy between you, and as you learn to blend your mind and energy with the thoughts and energy of your spiritual guides, wonderful new inspiration and healing may follow. Always be respectful and remember that we don’t own our guides or have any right to claim that they are ‘ours’. Their relationship with us is one of service and love. They deserve our gratitude and love in return.

With Love and Light,

Michelle Robinson
Founder and Principal – Trust Your intuition & Academy of Spiritual Practice