Two of the most frequent questions I am asked in my development groups and workshops are, “How do I know I’ll be protected if I decide to work with the spirit world?” and “How do I stop psychic attack?”

These are valid concerns. Knowing how to work safely when opening yourself to the energies of your clients and beings from the spirit world is imperative.

Experts around the world differ about whether you need to ask for protection when working with spiritual gifts. Their opinions reflect their training, the culture of spirituality in their country, their belief systems and experiences.

My experience has shown me that when you think positive thoughts, live a healthy life, and intend to work for the benefit of others, your energy field is strong and impenetrable. Put simply, the power of your positive thoughts and intentions creates the energetic protection you need to work with your spiritual gifts.

Be discerning about who you work with and know why you do the work you do. This principle is easily demonstrated. Treat your energy field like your home. Would you leave it open so just anyone could come in, any time, whether you know them or not? Most likely your answer is ‘No.’

Before I connect with the spirit world, I am clear about my intention. Do I seek personal guidance for a life issue? Am I preparing to offer healing? Am I reading for a client? Am I sharing spiritual philosophy in trance?

I then ‘Sit in the Power’ for about fifteen minutes. Sitting in the Power means that you expand the spiritual light within you. This light is known as your ‘power’. Sitting in the Power lifts your vibration, connects you to your spiritual essence and prepares you to use your spiritual gifts. Here is how to do it.

Sitting in the Power

Sit in a comfortable yet aligned position. Follow your breath in and out as you allow thoughts to settle.

Rest your focus in the centre of your being and imagine a light there. The solar plexus is often regarded as the spiritual centre for this purpose. However, it differs between individuals. Many people, including myself, prefer to expand their light from their heart chakra.

Use your imagination to grow that light until it fills your body completely.

Once your body is filled with light, expand your energy until light fills your auric field. Sense yourself sitting in a strong, large bubble of your own spiritual light. This takes only a few seconds once you are experienced.

Sitting in the Power lifts your vibration and makes it easier to connect with Spirit. It also connects you with the energy of your soul.

Next, I lift my energy and invite the spirit world to join me. When seeking guidance, I affirm that only those spirits who love me or work with me as teachers and healers may draw close. When offering healing, I connect directly to the Source – to the Divine Light – and the healing guides who work with me. I trust that my energy is protected.

Likewise, you should always affirm that only spiritual beings who love you, come from the Light or are your highest guides may work with you.

Download a complementary Sitting in the Power Meditation HERE.

If positive thoughts and intentions are the foundation of your spiritual practice, you do not need to fear psychic attack or interference from lower astral beings. However, if you worry about someone’s negative thoughts, you are more likely to be impacted by them. Similarly, if you struggle with addictions to unhealthy substances or are deeply depressed, you may attract energies who match that lower vibration. An energy clearing session and restoration of emotional and physical wellbeing are your solutions if that occurs.

The secret to your empowerment rests within your mind. My friend, Julie-Ann Bradwyn, is a talented medium. She steps into her confident persona with two simple statements.

“Here I am! Please let me be of service.”

She builds her power instantly with the knowledge that expanding her energy is ‘just a thought’. She strongly believes that she is always protected by the intelligent spirits who love and work with her. Her positive intention to be of service and her empowered thoughts create a strong energy field. She is never troubled by thoughts of psychic attack or the need for additional protection.

Julie-Ann sets a clear intention, feels her energy rise and is ready to work with her gifts, every time.

When you unlock the potential of your mind, confidence and positivity are the natural outcomes. I can help you with that. With a background in counselling and hypnotherapy, I have worked with hundreds of clients to help them manage their sensitivity and work safely with their gifts.

For more information on protection and creating a positive mindset, check out my book, ‘Your Intuitive Gifts At Work’ here  Your Intuitive Gifts At Work | By Michelle Robinson | Trust Your Intuition

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Michelle Robinson

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