One of the most frequent questions I’m asked by newer psychic and healing practitioners is, “Is it okay to get paid for doing spiritual work?”

I can understand where they are coming from. The desire to help others is so strong in genuine intuitive practitioners that many feel confused about whether they should be rewarded for using their gifts. Somehow, even though they live in the physical world and must find a way to support themselves, asking for payment doesn’t sit right.

What they fail to recognise is that if they cannot support themselves financially, they may not be able to work with their gifts. If a mainstream job is the only way they can survive, then those who need the benefit of their gifts may miss out.

The following true story about one of my mature-aged students illustrates my point.

Donna had a problem. Her greatest passion was also her deepest fear. She felt passionate about her intuitive abilities and at the same time, was too afraid to work with them. She lacked the confidence to use her gifts with clients and feared being judged for asking to be paid. ‘Perhaps a spiritual gift should not be used to make money?’ she wondered.

Donna’s gifts were in great demand with her friends. Since childhood, Donna had noticed she could sense what people were feeling. In her early twenties, she began to know things that were going to happen or what people were about to say. She would get a feeling or have a dream that soon showed up in real life. By the time she was thirty, Donna was sitting in a weekly meditation circle and had completed a course in reading Tarot cards. The story of the cards just seemed to flow, and her friends were shocked at how accurately Donna’s insights captured their current challenges. They trusted her gift, but Donna still doubted herself.

Hence her dilemma.

Donna loved offering readings, and since she was working only part-time and had children in primary school, she would benefit from extra income. 

I met Donna at a workshop I was teaching on personal empowerment.

She became aware of how her thoughts and self-talk were creating her insecurities. She noticed when she was criticizing herself and changed those thoughts to encouragement.

She reflected on her intentions for working with her intuitive gifts, and realized she genuinely wanted to help people. In meditation, her spiritual guides impressed Donna to understand that even before her birth, her soul had chosen to help others through her gifts. 

A big shift came when Donna was able to honor her part in her spiritual development. She recognized that her intuitive gifts were also skills, because she had invested her time, resources and commitment into improving them. Like all skills, they could have remained dormant, but she had chosen to develop them. It was completely valid to use her intuitive skills for her financial support. 

Donna found the strength and determination to follow her heart.

Word of mouth soon meant that Donna had a thriving part-time business that she could fit in around her other working hours. Financially, she is now more comfortable and has the added satisfaction of working with her intuitive gifts. Her confidence and positive thinking have flowed into all areas of her life, benefitting her in ways she could not have imagined.

Like Donna, you are worthy of living a comfortable and abundant life. Your intuitive gifts are skills, and when you invest your time and resources into developing them, you are encouraged to embrace the opportunities they may present for working as a professional practitioner. The Universe and your guides support you every way they can.

In my book ‘Your Intuitive Gifts At Work’, I share how to work with your intuitive gifts safely, confidently, ethically and to your highest possible potential. Thirty years’ worth of my own learning and experience went into the writing of this book. It is straightforward and gives lots of practical tips about working with your gifts to become a professional practitioner.

If you yearn to step into your gifts, check out ‘Your Intuitive Gifts At Work’ as well as my online spiritual development programs on my website.

Until next time,


Michelle Robinson

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